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Unlike most commercially sold windchimes, SOUND WORLD bamboo windchimes are professionally tuned to specially chosen pentatonic scales, designed for maximum ambient enjoyment using the gentle and unique timbre of bamboo. The carefully chosen tubes of Moso bamboo are longer and give a fuller and richer sonority. They are also treated with special solvent-free lacquer to protect them from the elements if used outdoors.


BUY BAMBOO WINDCHIMES - LARGE - £48.00 each; SMALL - £35.00 each


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The hanger and sails are also made from bamboo, while the cords are strong and thick natural thread in pleasing colours. The chimes are decorated with SOUND WORLD’s distinctive pyrography.

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There are separate strikers for each pair of chimes, and a sturdy metal ring to hang the windchimes.
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LARGE WINDCHIMES: (c. 100 cm tall)
Deeper tones, listen below
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SMALL WINDCHIMES: (c. 65 cm tall)
Higher tones, listen below

LISTEN TO 1) Large windchimes 2) Small windchimes

BUY BAMBOO WINDCHIMES - LARGE - £48.00 each; SMALL - £35.00 each


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