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Recently SOUND WORLD was commissioned to make three bamboo sound-sculptures for the Japan Festival at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. The sculptures were installed in the bamboo gardens. The three installations comprised an ANGKLUNG, a bamboo XYLOPHONE and a giant WINDCHIME. All three instruments use Japanese scales and constitute an hommage to the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) and in particular to his composition 'A Flock Descends Into The Pentagonal Garden' (1977). The instruments will remain in the gardens after the Japan Festival for the foreseeable future.
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WINDCHIME (4.5 metres tall)

This windchime,(taller than two people!) actually has two windchimes of 6 notes each, one pitched an octave above the other (and positioned above the other).The Japanese characters read 'TAKE' - Bamboo.
kewchime preroof
The windchime prior to putting on the roof
kewchime 2
The windchime in the bamboo gardens prior to installing the chimes
Installing the strikers for the windchime.

ANGKLUNG (3m high, 3m wide)
Kew Angklung
An angklung is a tuned bamboo rattle, with each rattle comprising the same note in different octaves. This one has 8 rattles each comprising 6 octaves, forming a Japanese scale. It is sounded by thumping the white pads with your fists - not the usual way of playing an angklung but necessary when the lowest note is as tall as a person!

XYLOPHONE (3 metres wide)

The xylophone at Kew uses 24 bamboo tubes each about 100 cm. in diameter (which is nearly as big as bamboo gets) to form a 2 octave chromatic scale. The frame is about as tall as a person. The tubes are tuned by cutting a slit so that a sounding bar is formed with its own resonator.
Kew Xylo

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