'The usefulness of a vessel is the space within it…'
Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching

SOUND WORLD is committed to using sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible.
To this end, most
SOUND WORLD instruments use bamboo as primary material.


Bamboo is among the fastest growing species on earth (some species can grow as much as one metre in a day) and (properly cultivated) is one of the most prolific of all raw materials with a multiplicity of potential uses from high-rise scaffolding in Hong Kong to light-bulb filaments, bicycle frames, flooring, furniture, construction…(etc., etc.).
Bamboo is very strong, light, naturally beautiful and inherently musical.

NGW-16_June_2013 copyPhotograph by Teruo Araya, courtesy National Geographic

Bamboo grows more abundantly and much further afield from the stereotype of the Far East than many people realise. It is not an endangered species and actually makes an extremely valid substitute for many applications involving wood and/or metal.

It behoves us to utilise bamboo as a planetary model of beauty and reciprocal growth.

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