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SOUND WORLD makes two types of xylophone, which you can see in the above picture - (left) ’Tube’ xylophones, and (right) ‘Bar’ xylophones.

xylophones are an extremely competitive alternative to the traditional school and concert models, being made with bamboo keys over a bamboo frame making them very light, strong and portable with a superb tone at a fraction of the price.

They are available in a variety of tunings and scales. Any scale can be made, including chromatic scaled xylophones arranged as on a keyboard, where the accidentals (black notes) are set above the ‘white’ notes.

Ideal for children, community groups, music therapists etc. Beaters provided.


Above is the ‘tube’ variety where the tuned bamboos are constructed so that the resonator is integral to the bar. The one above plays a diatonic scale CDEFGABC,

LISTEN to some ‘tube’ xylophones

BUY BAMBOO XYLOPHONES - £55.00 (TUBE variety)/ £45.00 (BAR variety)



Above and below: Close-up of ‘tube’ variety.
Below: two ‘tube’ xylophones, one in A major, one in C major.
Note the bamboo beaters (with rubber heads).



The second type of xylophone made by SOUND WORLD is the ‘bar’ variety (above), where the bars are made of giant Guadua bamboo which has the density and thickness of wood.

The one above is also tuned CDEFGABC, but any scale can be made!

LISTEN to some ‘bar’ xylophones - the second example is a 12-note (C-G) xylophone


Detail of ‘bar’ xylophone.

BUY BAMBOO XYLOPHONES - £55.00 (TUBE variety)/ £45.00 (BAR variety)


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