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Wind xylo 4

This is a garden windmill with a difference - a propeller-driven xylophone! It plays a series of notes as the wind blows, making a pleasing ambience. Made almost entirely with bamboo, varnished for exterior use, it is a highly unusual addition to your garden or allotment! Measures approx. 60cm x 60cm and is mounted on a bamboo stand.

SOUND WORLD Wind xylophones are only available to special order. They can have a range of different notes (max. of 8 different), so please specify how many you would like.
To order a wind xylophone, contact SOUND WORLD

The audio examples below are 1) a four-note (pictured above) and 2) a three-note wind xylophone



Above is an 8-note wind xylophone which plays a major scale as the wind blows.

Wind xylo 5

Wind xyl

Above - another 8-note wind xylophone. Below - detail of a four-note wind xylophone.

Wind xylo 3

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